How Much Does a Small Business Website Cost in 2023?

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website design and hosting cost

While the cost of the same website can vary wildly between different design companies, you should do due diligence to make certain you have a team you are comfortable with and your needs are met. The basic site, including about 40 - 80 hours or work costs roughly $1,000 - $5,000 for the design phase. (This is about five to eight total pages.) This is for a basic site. Perhaps, it may have a couple of plugin perks like the ability to keep a schedule or reservations. Other things small businesses need like some ecommerce so that payments can be made easier.

some of the individual website costs for a small business website

  1. A domain is relatively cheap, only as much as $10 - $25 / year. It is going to be your first charge. However with domain security it could be as high as $50. You need to own your own domain and your own website. Also, some web hosting will give you a free domain for year one.
  2. Now you need to host your domain. This will cost your between $2.95 - $70/month. You will have to pay by the year and often multiple years to get anything under $9.95 / year.
  3. Website SSL, from $0 - $1,000 / year. WordPress has a plugin that makes your security free. There are a couple of free plugins. WordPress is a website builder. Different Hosting companies will have a different website builder. Sometimes they have multiple.
  4. The actual website design is from $1,000 - $20,000. This higher end would include e-commerce and more.  For a truly small business this rate be a lot less, from $1,000 - $10,000.
    1. The cost increases based on extra pages. 10+ pages start above $1,500.
    2. Functionality based on the objectives may also increase the low end cost to above $1,800.
    3. CMS(content management system) will allow you to manage your site with a backend content management system. WordPress is a popular example.
  5. Website monthly maintenance can be in the range from the $10 cost of hosting to , based on the number of hours included per month. I have seen $500, but htis is total tech support.

small business websites need

domain name

Before your business can be seen on the internet, you will need a domain name, that you can buy for $9.99 to $20.00. Why the difference? We do not know.

site hosting

Site hosting can range from $1.99 / month (but generally you have to pay by the year or 3 years), to $15 / month. As a business we pay more per month, but we can justify it.

website development

Web design or development is what most small businesses focus on. The can be between $1,000 and $5,000. Of course you may find a designer for more or less, however this has been our finding.

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